Monday, July 18, 2016

Hotmail register or Hotmail sign up

You can sign up for a Hotmail account in a few easy steps 
Hotmail is gradually being used more, more interaction. It registered is easy and completely free.Today it has been upgraded to account registration to Outlook and you the same registration 
When you create a Hotmail account you can use it to access other Microsoft services. And your Hotmail account will get you access to log on to Facebook, twitter. So you create a free Hotmail email to your personal 
To register for a Hotmail account do not require much time, just a few simple steps and basic information. All you need is basic personal information. registration is not available now as Microsoft already have a Hotmail account limit @, @ @ and just.

Please follow the following steps: 
Step 1: 

You first register to create your Hotmail account at, you click on the "register now" or you go directly to the Hotmail page to register. 
You enter your first and last name in the section registered seat vacant. You should use your real name will be better. 
Step 2: 

Step 3: 
Then you create for yourself the address name in the Hotmail account. It can contain letters, numbers, periods or underscores. For example: @ or @
There are quite a lot of people use Hotmail email. Should you have to choose a name so that it is unique. 
You have to try and check out until the suitable and best if not will regret later. 

Step 4: 

In the password section to create a strong password. Like Hotmail id is the same as other online id, it have to be complicated because of security reasons. At least 8 characters are required to enter the Hotmail password. strong password consisting of letters, numbers, and special characters. And in the re-enter your password in the box just below it.
Hotmail registration step 4-6

Step 5: 
In the section, select your country waters.

Step 6: 
Enter your birth date. If you use other than English then switch to your birth date on English.

Step 7:
Select your gender.

Step 8: 
To make the recovery options to your account please select your mobile phone number and email address instead.

Step 9: 

Enter the Captcha code to verify that you are a human.
The last step in the registration process of the Hotmail

Step 10:
After you click the "create account", you will receive your Hotmail account. And if you are using the same mobile phone number for more than a few times for the verification process, you need to verify your identity with the code received on the mobile phone number provided above.

Step 11:
Click the "continue to mailbox", now you're on Hotmail e-mail page.
Congratulations to brand new Hotmail e. Start using free email services running Microsoft.

If registration is not completed, you will not be able log in Hotmail email. So if anything goes wrong as you enter the Captcha code wrong or you leave any filed blank it will display an error message.Don't check if you receive any error messages.

After registering success of Hotmail, do remember the password and recover your password details.Do not use the Hotmail free email for the purpose of sending spam. If you think that you don't need that id anymore, you can delete the Hotmail id.

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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Microsoft is Developing Outlook Web App for Android

Microsoft has announced they’re working on a proper Outlook Web App (OWA) for Android. Via a blog post announcing several other feautures, Microsoft suggests the new app with similar design to their Outlook web app.

It’s a nice option for those who want similar functionality to their desktop, and likely a seamless experience for those who use the web app.This is the right direction as what the company previously confirmed that they will continue support for all operating system platforms. Previously, Microsoft has released the Outlook app for iOS users.

It’s the first move toward Android for Microsoft since their new CEO took over, and one that’s welcomed by many users. Though Microsoft wasn’t forthcoming with details on what an Android app would bring to the table, we hope it’s as nicely put together as the iOS app. The Apple-y version allows for all things Outlook, like calendar and notes.

If Microsoft builds a well-tuned OWA for Android, the company can expect more users to toward their service. This also has important, necessary enterprise implications, as many companies still use Microsoft solutions to power their offices.

Before Outlook application for Android launches, you can use some alternatives like CloudMagic.

Microsoft is Removing Support for Facebook and Google Chat from Outlook

Microsoft recently notified to Outlook users that they will be discontinuing support for both Google Chat and Facebook Messenger. That means that those users will only have support for Skype for chat, audio and video calling.

Microsoft doesn’t explain why it has decided to end Facebook Chat integration. For Google Talk, however, Microsoft blames it on “Google’s decision to discontinue the chat protocol used by the Google Talk platform.”

===>>> Microsoft is Developing Outlook Web App for Android

Further the company asked users to try Skype for chat apart from video calling, “We understand that this may disappoint some of our customers, but we hope that you’ll try Skype for chat, and voice and video calling, so you can take advantage of the more robust ways to keep in touch with friends and family.”

“This update will not impact the connection to your Facebook and/or Google accounts, which means your People page will stay updated with the latest contact information from the services you’ve connected.

We’re confident that Skype for provides the best experience for chatting and making voice or video calls, right from your inbox, when the conversation warrants richer communication than an email exchange.”,the email said.

Thus, now if the users use on web platform and want to chat with a friend, then they are only supported by the ability to log into their Skype account.

As announced by Microsoft, the elimination of support for Facebook and Google Chat in will be applied in the coming weeks.
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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

How to access Badoo

When you visit Badoo, you're accessing a social network gives you hundreds of opportunities to meet new people from different countries. Also, here you will have the opportunity to meet and date people from your local area if you wish.
To have the best experience possible, it is advisable to have an updated picture in your profile, along with some general information to describe you and your personality. Many users search for common interests and things that they like, so this is a good way to ensure you meet people who think like you.

Another detail that you must have an account to be when there are so many users, a lot of people will have interests and similar personalities. This is why you should look for something that belongs only to you and that will help you stand out in the crowd.

Access Badoo

This is why some precautions are recommended before visiting Badoo, such as never show anyone our password (which can lead to identity thieves can access access your account and add your personal details). Also, never provide your personal data to strangers, such as addresses, personal phone numbers, bank details or other information that could harm you in the hands of one person leaves. Also, be aware that some people would try to seem like they are the administrator of Badoo to get some of your personal data, and not give it to them.

In order to be able to access Badoo, users will need to follow the steps that the official site Badoo has established registration and access to social networks. Badoo is a great social network that has more than 100 million users from around the world.
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Monday, May 23, 2016

Sign up Yahoo

Yahoo so long been associated with youth. It brings a lot of fun and especially it has a very high security. And to create a Yahoo account for himself is not too difficult. Take the following draft article of us.

Register Yahoo!

To sign up Yahoo you must go to Yahoo, then you have to click on the top right menu, where the "Mail", he said, then you have to click where the "Subscribe Yahoo," he said. Now you have to fill in the details of your personal, Yahoo !, ID password and secret question. And presto! Now you can enjoy your Yahoo! account if you want your Yahoo! account with an extension in your country (eg gperez @ you must select the country on the right where it is "I prefer content from". If you already own an account in yahoo! to test electronic invoice correro, simply go to, Clik on the menu at the top where it says "Sign up yahoo". Then you enter the Yahoo ID, password and clickeas you where it says "Sign".

Register Yahoo! - (. Yahoo! inc) Yahoo! is an internet services company worldwide. Yahoo! has a website, search engines, web directories, Yahoo Answers (a place to ask questions and get answers) and an email service Yahoo! Mail; also provides services for small business hosting, domain name registration, among other services called "Yahoo! Small Business."

Mail Yahoo! Mail:
- You can send SMS.
- Integration with Yahoo! Calendar, Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger.
- Make certain functions faster with keyboard shortcuts.
- Enter through Facebook Connect and Google.
- Provides unlimited space.
- Advanced Search Post.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Log Yahoo Mail - How to send email, check Yahoo mail

Note: To ensure the safety of your account, then each time you log into Yahoo Mail without using any more you have to sign out of your account. Many people after login Yahoo Mail from unknown computers in Internet cafes did not log out and finally take account Yahoo.

Yahoo Mail login instructions, how to compose, send and check email Yahoo

Step 1: Visit the Yahoo Mail login page
- Open up the browser and visit the site or you can click here to access Yahoo Mail login page. This is how Yahoo Mail login page
- Please note that if you visit the login interface will be English.

Step 2: Fill out your account information to log Yahoo Mail
- In the Name box to access Yahoo you fill your nickname: for example, your email is .... @ then you fill the ..._ com
- In the Password box you enter your Yahoo email password on.
- After filling up the information, you leave traces in "Keeping login mode" to prevent the browser to save your password and click "Login" to log into Yahoo Mail
- If after pressing the button "Log in" system error or wrong password yahoo login page that is in the image below as they are already logged into yahoo mail success
- If for any reason after logging in you pushed Yahoo's news site, then you go back to Yahoo Mail by visiting
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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

7 new features of Hotmail

The simple steps to sign into hotmail?

Hotmail is a free e-mail services and online-owned corporations, and recently Microsoft has renamed as Outlook hotmail.

Simply fill in exactly the necessary information such as the name Hotmail, Hotmail password, .. you can get quick access to Microsoft account. Sign in to Hotmail is a very simple process and fast.

Please read and follow the simple steps outlined below so that you can log into hotmail. I will interpret the most comprehensible way for you.

Hotmail Sign: Step-by-Step

1. Go to this site two or
On the screen you see on the right side, you will see two lines. First is where you write an email or username and password second. This is the information when you register

2.Enter your email address in the box Hotmail on. This is not case sensitive so it is up to you whether or not you want to make use of your email address.

3.Now enter your Microsoft Hotmail Password into the appropriate field. Your Password is case sensitive.

4.To finish the log in procedure, you need to press Sign In. You are now into your Outlook account and you can enjoy a full experience.

5.You can also check the little box underneath that says Keep me signed in so you won't have to put in the username and password each time you need to access your email.

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