Monday, April 25, 2016

Windows Live Hotmail Review

Windows Live Hotmail is part of the Windows Live services group. It is known as Hotmail, is a free web mail service and the popularity of Microsoft.
Here we will show you the different stages of change from 1997 to present Hotmail.

Hotmail is considered a pioneer of free e-mail, are the rise with about 8 million users, Microsoft bought Hotmail May 12, 1997, until now it has become a solid foundation of service Microsoft Windows Live services.

In July 2005 at a meeting of financial analysts, has released the first beta, codenamed Kahun.

Before Windows Live is complete, Hotmail was launched in 2006.

In the time in April 2006, before the end of the beta test version had the first (beta) of Windows Live Mail. Microsoft has started to work with Windows Live Hotmail and return Hotmail name

Microsoft has revised the new interface and completely change the classic look before. It is suitable for slower network connections and the default settings for the user.

This is the current interface of Windows Live Hotmail

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