Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Log Yahoo Mail - How to send email, check Yahoo mail

Note: To ensure the safety of your account, then each time you log into Yahoo Mail without using any more you have to sign out of your account. Many people after login Yahoo Mail from unknown computers in Internet cafes did not log out and finally take account Yahoo.

Yahoo Mail login instructions, how to compose, send and check email Yahoo

Step 1: Visit the Yahoo Mail login page
- Open up the browser and visit the site mail.yahoo.com or you can click here to access Yahoo Mail login page. This is how Yahoo Mail login page
- Please note that if you visit the login interface Mail.Yahoo.com will be English.

Step 2: Fill out your account information to log Yahoo Mail
- In the Name box to access Yahoo you fill your nickname: for example, your email is .... @ yahoo.com then you fill the ..._ com
- In the Password box you enter your Yahoo email password on.
- After filling up the information, you leave traces in "Keeping login mode" to prevent the browser to save your password and click "Login" to log into Yahoo Mail
- If after pressing the button "Log in" system error or wrong password yahoo login page that is in the image below as they are already logged into yahoo mail success
- If for any reason after logging in you pushed Yahoo's news site, then you go back to Yahoo Mail by visiting mail.yahoo.com.
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