Monday, April 25, 2016

Recover deleted messages from Hotmail

Do not panic and worry if you accidentally delete an important email in the process of using email, and you can not retrieve it.
Like trash on your computer, you can recover deleted emails from the "Deleted". But it will be difficult to regain the mail has been purged and removed. however, all will necessarily have to lose it depends on the system you use email, folders can be deleted purged automatically at regular intervals.

Now if you are using the Hotmail and accidentally deleted your message, there are cases where it no longer appears in the "Deleted" your.
Look for "recover deleted messages" folder and click "delete".

Click on bringing the message was deleted and it will automatically return the folder "deleted". Then move the folder into which you choose.
If your key messages are not removed by this method then no more can be done online.

If you are using a computer application such as Outlook Express e-mail, Windows Live Mail or Mozilla Thunderbird, you can try data recovery software as Piriform's Recuva which is a data recovery program for free with the specific support to retrieve lost e-mail. If you are using Thunderbird, you can also try the steps outlined here: How to recover deleted emails.

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